Health in Motion

The Patient Experience

Convenient, science-based healthcare at your fingertips:

  • Meet your exercise and rehabilitation goals
  • Assess your health
  • Report medical emergencies
  • Track your medication
  • Take courses to enrich your life and improve your health
In app exercises

How it works

The in-app daily tasks feed allows you to quickly take assessments, perform daily exercise routines, track medications, take classes, and view medical action plans.

The exercise you need

We offer over 120, customizable, guided exercises for all your physical therapy needs, from total knee replacement rehabilitation and cardio, to balance and strengthening exercises for fall prevention.

Evaluate your health

Get assessed wherever and whenever you need it. Health in Motion offers over 28 questionnaires and physical health assessments delivered straight to your app at home.

Learn to live well, at home

Choose from a list of over 140 classes and quizzes, on topics from fall prevention, to COPD, to total knee replacement recovery.

Your clinician is with you every step of the way

Health in Motion lets clinicians monitor your health and exercise progress in real time. You can even report health events to quickly inform your clinician of any issues you are having.

Are you a clinician? Click here for information on our clinician tools.
Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs


  • Daily COPD Action plan surveys
  • Daily Action Plan Tasks
  • Daily Action Plan Tasks
  • 40+ exercises for COPD treatment
  • 40+ classes
  • 4+ COPD assessment tests
Treatment Programs

Fall Prevention

  • 28+ exercises for fall prevention
  • 50+ classes
  • 9+ fall prevention assessments
Treatment Programs

Total Knee Replacement

  • 10+ strengthening and PT exercises for total knee replacement recovery
  • 22 classes
Treatment Programs


  • 10+ physical exercises for dizziness treatment
  • 4 vestibular exercises
  • 10+ dizziness assessment tests
Treatment Programs

Multiple Sclerosis

  • 9 Tai Chi exercises for MS
  • 18+ classes for healthy living
  • 9+ MS assessment tests
Treatment Programs

Parkinson’s Disease

  • 10+ exercises for Parkinson’s
  • 18+ classes for healthy living
  • 5+ assessment tests

Report important health information right there in the app

Record health information to your health profile

Save your allergies, medication information, smoking status and more.

Report important health events to your clinician.

Report falls, illnesses, injuries, and ER visits to your clinician all through the app, so they can be informed as quickly as possible.

Keep a diary of your health

Use the health diary to keep track of things like blood pressure, and make note of any health related issues you had that day. Your diary entries will help your clinician stay informed about your health.

You can also set health goals

Use the goals menu to set goals for yourself

We recommend keeping goals S.M.A.R.T. - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Based.

FDA Registration and HIPAA Compliance

The Blue Marble Health Platform is FDA registered as a Software As a Medical Device (SAMD).

The Platform is also HIPAA compliant.