About Us

Our goal is to help people improve their health, and make healthcare more accessible, and affordable, for providers and patients alike.

Blue Marble is a multidisciplinary team of experienced doctorally trained clinical researchers, public health experts, software designers, and software developers who have created an engaging digital platform for delivering Assessments, Interventions, Patient Monitoring, and Patient Analytics for telehealth and wellness.

Blue Marble's suite of products includes evidence-based digital assessments, educational classes, and exercises for upper and lower extremity strengthening, balance, coordination, and aerobic/cardio training. These activities can be used to assist people living with chronic conditions such as lung diseases, arthritis, knee replacement prep and recovery, Parkinson's (PD), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Vestibular conditions, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), and a wide range of Cognitive Conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI). These digital assessments, classes, and exercises are also designed specifically for older adults at risk for falls.

Patients, clients, and research participants or volunteers can access these gamified Blue Marble products through downloadable apps at home, at outpatient clinics, inpatient rehab programs, or community-based organizations. Administrators, clinicians, and researchers access the Blue Marble web-app portal to design and assign health & wellness and rehabilitative programs with specific assessments, exercises, and educational lessons personalized for each client. They also use the portal's built-in dashboard and reports to monitor the health and progress of their panel of clients. Additionally, administrators can easily setup which users have access to the various products' content, panel management capabilities, and reports.

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FDA Registration and HIPAA Compliance

The Blue Marble Health Platform is FDA registered as a Software As a Medical Device (SAMD).

The Platform is also HIPAA compliant.